Skin Tag Removal In London Explained

This is a relatively straightforward procedure that can help improve your appearance and boost your confidence. But before going ahead with the process

If you live in London and have skin tags, you may be considering removal. This is a relatively straightforward procedure that can help improve your appearance and boost your confidence. But before going ahead with the process, it’s important for people in London to understand how the procedure works and what type of clinic you should look for.

What Causes Skin Tags?

The exact cause of skin tags is unknown but it is believed that friction between the skin and clothing is a contributing factor. Other factors that may play a role in their formation include genetics, hormones during pregnancy, obesity, and diabetes. People with weakened immune systems may also be more prone to developing skin tags.

How Does Skin Tag Removal Work?

Most skin tags do not need to be treated and will eventually fall off on their own. However, if you choose to have them removed for cosmetic reasons or because they are causing discomfort or irritation, there are several treatments available. Here at the Yuki Clinic, we use the latest laser technology to treat your skin tag, performed by our experienced Doctors, this method is relatively painless and will leave behind no scarring or bleeding. Cutting off involves using a scalpel to remove the growths; this method is more invasive than a laser but may be necessary if the growths are larger or located elsewhere on your body. You should discuss which option would be best with our doctor before having them removed.

Aftercare Advice

Before leaving the clinic, make sure to get post-treatment advice on how best to care for your skin after having skin tag removals in London. This may include wearing loose-fitting clothing, keeping the area clean, applying antiseptic cream if necessary, avoiding perfumes and makeup close to the treated area, avoiding swimming pools or hot tubs until healed, etc. It’s also important to avoid picking at any scabs that form during healing and keep an eye out for any signs of infection such as redness or swelling around the treated area.

Skin tag removal in London is a simple procedure that can help improve your appearance without causing any lasting damage or side effects when performed correctly by an experienced doctor or dermatologist. With both freezing (cryotherapy) and cutting (scalpel) options available, there’s sure to be an option that works best for you depending on what type of growths you have and where they’re located on your body. Remember to always talk to your doctor before deciding which route would be best for you so that you can ensure a safe experience with minimal risk of complications afterwards!

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Why you can trust The Yuki Clinic

Highly Skilled Professionals:

The Yuki Clinic only allocates practising privileges to medical professionals who have prescribing rights. So your treatments will only be performed by cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic doctors or nurse practitioners. Professionals such as these can, consult, prescribe, treat, and manage your safety and care.

Service & Care:

The safety and wellbeing of our patients are most important to us. We create an experience that goes beyond your treatment with your clinician. Your patient journey begins with booking your appointment right through to your aftercare. With a strong passion and wealth of experience in the aesthetics industry, our team looks forward to welcoming you to Yuki Clinic.

FDA Approved Products:

For all of our treatment’s we use only premium and FDA approved products. All skincare products are medical grade and require a prescription through consultation with one of our medical professionals.

Patient Satisfaction:

The heart of our clinic is our patients. Receiving positive feedback is the most rewarding award we can receive. At the Yuki Clinic, we take all feedback very seriously and use this to help improve our treatments and services.

Clinic Location:

Located in the heart of Oxford Circus, you’ll find The Yuki Clinic right next door to Top Shop, All Saints and Urban Outfitters. Across the road from the clinic, you’ll find the world-renowned Elan Café. Elan Café is the perfect spot to grab a coffee and a cake before a treatment.

The nearest tube station is Oxford Circus, London

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